Twenty three flowers xiao rui


 Why Twenty Three? No, there is no heart wrenching, tears-inducing story behind it nor am I 23, yet. I started working part time at a commercialized florist while schooling for about a year and while working, I often wondered how nice it’ll be if I were to have my own platform to sell flowers. And so, a very close friend of mine encouraged me to step up and out to start my own. Hence, I left and began selling flowers on Carousell, sharing an account with the same friend who was selling her pre-loved items. We decided on Twenty Three as both our birth dates fall on the 23rd and I was stuck with it till now. 

Twenty Three Flowers. It holds the dream of a then 19-year-old girl of opening a florist-cum-cafe serving piping hot melon matcha latte while selling fresh blooms with the occasional sprinkle of weddings. But of course, a home-based one will have to do for the time being. Favourite quote at the moment? Don’t quit your daydream. No prizes for guessing why.

I enjoy talking to people and I'd love to find out more about your love stories - how you met, how he proposed, how she embarrassed herself, all the love under the sun! These will help create the perfect event/bouquet and have your friends saying "that was so them!"  I’d love to be part of your tender moments and turn your dreams into reality – be it flowers or a surprise event!

With love, Xiao Rui