And in a blink of an eye 2016 zoomed past. Having to manage school and to do events was really eye-opening (more like closing LOL) that I've stopped scrolling through Pinterest during lectures because I was busier trying to catch some snooze yea. Nevertheless, had my fair share of fun styling events and playing with flowers for the second half of 2016!

water colour calligraphy

Made this one for Debz and have since then plunged into the world of watercolour.

soup of the day: tequila
creative minds are rarely tidy

And then Yumi bought me gold water colour and it was amazeballs man.

Looking pretty on navy blue invites.


Hurhur comparing these to the initial one that I made for Debz, I'm sorry da bi kong hahahahaha.

DIY iron on patch on bag

No where related to water colour but just thought that these would be perfect handmade gifts for yo homies. Made these for Germaine and Gillian before they flew to UK and erm not really sure if their patches came off yet cos mine did and I had to sew them back on. Important tip is to never be lazy and just sew the patches on which makes me wonder whats the purpose of the adhesive when sewing is ultimately the only method of making them stay hmmmmmmmm. Anyway I sewed a pair of popsicles on my white sneakers and they look too cute! Just that white sneakers has now turned yellow so no pictures. Total damage: $20

wedding of 2016

Had the chance to participate in many weddings this year and if I had to choose one that's my favourite, it'll be this one. Unconventional and intimate, it really is sort of a wild child's kind of dream wedding doing away with the glam of hotel dinners yet preserving the romantic essence of a wedding (fairylightsssssssss). This wedding happened literally at the backyard of the bride's grandmother's crib and the atmosphere was nothing but filled with love (and ease too because first time wearing denim shorts to style an event HAHAHAHA).

foliage chandelier

This foliage chandelier is loveeeeee. Actually anything that has got to do with lush loads of foliage is love.

intimate backyard wedding
chalkboard wedding directions

Used a total of 11 chalkboards in this wedding yas.

Thankful for the easy going couple for entrusting their wedding cake to me!!!

crafting and diy-ing

Also, designed my first invites!

Dad and his beer belly and we worked till past midnight that day. Downside of having a daughter who's all in this alone (cues Me, Myself and I).

When night falls and the fairylights are turned on.

backlog of other events

Werkin' the colours of 2016 Pantone over at this wedding.

Got to style one of many PA's booth back in October! Not the usual style of minimal colours but I think this bang of loud colours make quite a pretty combination too.

"Xiao Yi your flowers very smelly." It's called baby's breath for a reason ya.