I really wish to record down the set ups that I've done and so... I'm starting with this particular one! This set up will always, always hold a special place in my heart. It is after all my first time styling and for such an important reason as well - proposal! I mean, what if it turned out bad and ruined the whole romantic atmosphere? Did I mention that there were six very different styles of picnic set ups as well?

Thankfully for me, a very close friend of mine extended a helping hand and I cannot thank you enough, Bee Ling. Thank you so very much for doing this with and for me despite me being a complete loss and absolutely bad at giving clear instructions. OH. And also for staying up the entire night making tassels together but ended up not using them at all because I forgot about them 😂

If you were wondering, my first styling opportunity actually came about through Carousell (I know right, the fate between Carousell and I). BW was inquiring on Carousell regarding the floral services I offer and somewhere along we started discussing his plans for his surprise proposal! Okay, story time: BW invited both his and G's friends and family to Marina Barrage and well, everyone knew the reason except for G - she thought it was BW's sister's engagement party. Imagine the shock when she found out that she's the actual female lead of the day hahaha. 

Planted lots of these cute little hearts along the path leading to the open space on the barrage.

Super chio food by Beyond Plate. Look and taste really good, personal testimony ✌

Okay yes, we managed to use these confetti push pops because SHE SAID YES!!! I don't know man. It's my first time witnessing a proposal in real life, like a proposal on TV is never the same as this one. In dramas there's always this background music playing when the male lead proposes but in real life???? There's no background music at all and all you hear is silence because everyone is holding their breaths in anticipation. The few short seconds of silence is super nerve wrecking (can't imagine how BW felt at that moment)!!  Gives me the urge to start chanting "嫁给他! 嫁给他!"(Say yes! Say yes!) And then when she finally said yes, PARTAYEEEEEEEE.

G came in this white dress which matched the set ups so well! I bet if I didn't say, you wouldn't have known it's a surprise proposal and that she came clueless.

Super, super thankful to BW and G for this opportunity to style your proposal. Like, who would entrust such an important moment of their lives to a then 20 year old me who had no experience in styling? Thank you also, for this experience made me realize how much I like and enjoy doing this :)