For those who religiously scrolled to the bottom of the page, you would have realised that this website was designed with the help of mysterious Potong Pasir Princess (nope, it's not me). And guess what??? She turned 21 last month!

She really LOVES colours and her favourite colour being pink, we decided on pink, mint and gold as the main colours for her party. It turned out really pretty but at the same time I'm wondering if this is a 21st party or baby shower????? Ahahahahaha sorry shermz, I can't help it

Flowers for the birthday girl consisting of more pink madness and calligraphy by me dhoby, jieshi.

The next time I see a tassels kit, I swear I would not complain of its price because we spent the whole night making tassels (as seen in the background of first picture) and it was hella crazy! Good times nonetheless.

And here's where all the tassels went - backdrop!

Tried my hand at making invites and it was really pretty interesting! Too bad I haven't started on the watercolour/brush calligraphy craze when I was designing the invites, I'd love to actually write and draw the cute little flowers. Made a cake topper (inspired by Little Confetti Love) as well because it's too cute to resist making one!

Shermain really likes coffee cup stains so we decided that the cards shall have coffee cup stains with a touch of water colour! And yup, this was the start of my obsession with watercolour. 

Did a really simple set up for the guests' table because honestly, I didn't expect much response, but by the end of the party the bottle (far left of picture) was actually filled! Couldn't even put on the lid.

Ending off with a photo showing a wee bit of the tulle table skirting and also reminding myself to never be lazy after set ups to snap pictures (thank you to all the kind souls who have sent photos!)