Styled this bridesmaids shoot last February just days after Valentine's day and I remembered it as being one of the most ulu shoot that I've ever done. Actually dangerous too because I had to be on a ladder, on a slope, to attach flowers on hanging branches. AND I REALLY DID FELL OFF THE LADDER HAHA. It takes a lot of balancing and courage to be on a ladder okay, what more a ladder on a slope. Ended up with a bruise on my right hip bone and Shermain asked if I was abused LOL.

- behind the scenes -

Michelle wanted something that was really soft and dreamy and fairy-tale-like, hence secret garden. She also liked the idea of a tree swing, the plan was then to build a swing and have the shoot at lower pierce reservoir. But we read up and realised that NEA has really strict rules on their trees and so we had to put off the idea of having a tree swing. Was kind of feeling disappointed because honestly the most old school kind of swings I've seen are those in playgrounds made out of tyres, but even those are kind of rare these days. Tree swings? Even harder to find in Singapore. Kent then told us about this tree swing off Canterbury Road and we were so glad!

Incorporated lots of props that can be found in homes (e.g. books, glasses, drawers) to elicit the feeling that these girls live and play in this secret garden of theirs (they really do look like those girls in fairy tales with their floral crowns and romantic blue dresses!) Also loving the use of Georgette here - everything looks super soft and dreamy with it draped on.

Anyway, if you're thinking of having a shoot at this quaint location, here are some things that you should be aware of:

  • spotting this tree swing would not be easy - we actually drove past it the first time without realising that it was there. We kind of assumed it to be really distinct like huge and on a single big tree but it's not. It's actually a little hidden from sight due to the slope and surrounding tree branches. Just take note to slow down once you drive past Hort Park and after Hyderabad Road, and the swing should appear on your left.
  • parking by the side of the road. It is at a really quaint location and like all hipster and picturesque places, there are only have two driving lanes and no car park nearby. Good thing is, there is very little traffic meaning you don't have to worry being honked at.
  • it is on a slope. That being said, ladies, do bring an extra pair of slippers to make your way down comfortably and change into your heels once you're on the swing.

(^^^ And here's where I fell off the ladder [it's a library chair which can be converted into a ladder] ✌)

  •  it's going to be humid and we will become literally walking targets for mozzies. I usually don't get bitten (please don't get jinxed) but that day I scored three bites. The mosquitoes there are rather big and there's plenty of them, so do remember to prepare sufficient insect repellent.
  • weather issues. Like all outdoor shoots, it's crucial to check and pray really hard that it doesn't pour. It actually drizzled a couple of times and dark clouds were hovering the sky for about an hour during the set up before it eventually turned bright and sunny. Being alone and with no nearby shelters around, I am beyond thankful that it was just passing rain clouds and occasional light drizzles (thank you rain god bo bi 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻).

Hope you find something useful in this post regarding this rare tree swing that even Google has limited info of!