Above photos beautifully captured by Kent Wong, view more photos from this solemnisation over here.

Koped these pictures from Michelle's fb and I am so amazed at how the styling turned out in photos. Anyhoo, continuing the theme of secret garden from her bridesmaids shoot, Michelle wanted a soft and sweet ambience for her solemnisation. She also really likes the idea of dining in the garden without the mosquitoes and heat (which we had to face during her bridesmaid shoot). She had in mind to hold her solemnisation at Blisshouse and apparently, she has already scouted this location two years back!

Before vs. after photos of pimping up the lattice panel.

Blisshouse has got lots of props and they allow their clients to shift around and play about with with it! That's something that I was really excited about as it allows room for creativity and working with new props that I never had *throws confetti* 

Really loved the look of the lattice panel and thought that it would serve as a really pretty backdrop rather than a room divider. Blisshouse has an existing photobooth backdrop but I felt that the lattice panel would capture the essence of a garden wedding much better.

THIS. No words can describe how much I love this. When we stepped into the restaurant, this was the first thing that caught my eye. It's just so pretty to have a foliage chandelier in a restaurant (obsession with foliage will not stop anytime soon)! Plus points for being extra dreamy!

Decided to then shift the lattice panels and have them placed under the chandelier so that the two of my favourite things can be together HAHAHAHA. Truth is, Michelle and I both preferred the lattice panel over the metal grill panel so we decided to cover the metal panel (because it can't be shifted) using the lattice and it'll double up as a backdrop during solemnisation and photo taking! #onestonekilltwobirds #excuses #ijustlikethelatticemore

tablescape x bridal stationary

Also... beyond thankful and touched that Donald and Michelle were so kind to invite me for their solemnisation and lunch. I mean, I'm just there as a stylist and there is really no obligations to invite me to their intimate event because I'm paid to do my job. And yet, they treated me with such kindness that I will not be able to forget. Xie xie ni men 😭😭 And they also trusted and gave space for creativity to flow (and heeding my advice against using the carriage/swing even though it's very tempting to), which I really value and am grateful for.

Anyway, since we're done with bridesmaids shoot and solemnisation, next up would be their wedding! And then baby shower, then baby's 1st birthday, mother's 60th birthday, 10th wedding anniversary, baby's kindie graduation HAHAHAHHAHAHHA okay too farfetched but I really love the thought that I played a part in their important milestone, prettifying and adding ambience to their already perfect event :)

**All pictures with faces were posted with permission from client.