After the craaazzyyyyy month of October (think three events, two assignment datelines and three exam papers!!!!!), the urge of traveling came so strong after being caged in Singapore for almost the whole of 2016. Lots of impromptu trips and also my first solo trip staying in a kampong woohoooo~~~ Oh and seeing the sunset from the plane for the first time too!

Davao City, Philippines

The view from my room!! Fun fact: roosters don't crow at the break of dawn, they do it even before the sun rises???? Or maybe it's just these roosters.

Living the tumblr quote of midnight swims and jumping right back into the waters at 6am which was insane. SO COLD???

la familia

MongKok, Hong Kong

OMG the filter on Squarepace's photo editor made this look so film-ish!

Hong Kong feels a lot like Singapore but with old school school vibes which is really nice.


Found this shop near exit B2 of Prince Edward station selling pretty plates and bowls and other kitchen wares while walking through the streets (and got terribly lost because Li Yi decided to trust my direction sense :D) and they're incredibly CHEAP. Like $2 for a Marimekko inspired bowl is so worth it??? Totally worth getting lost for and killing our feet.

Cameron Highlands & Penang, Malaysia

Instagram-worthy fruit popsicle for only $2.50. What??? Thinking of that one time I got ripped off to buy a fruit popsicle in SG at $5 because the sun was merciless and I was really thirsty.

Cameron Highlands is soooo underrated. It's the closest place to Singapore that is cold and nice and sweat free with tons of fresh produce that make your digestive system work really well. Didn't went flower crazy though, most of the flower farms are not well maintained.

favourite corner of ze Secret Garden Homestay

my kind of street art HAHAHAHA greens everywhere

PENANG IS SO WONDERFUL IT'S UNBELIEVABLE. Colonial buildings, old school coffee shops, enamel cockery, etc. I LOVE IT.

Batam, Indonesia

The land of cheap massages + feel like a millionaire because SGD10 = IDR10000 (but it's really actually a bad thing trying to do conversion). Bought lots of food because CNY's just two weeks away! 

Must buy/eat/do in Batam:

  • Indomie instant noodles/Bika crackers!! These need no explanation. Just buy. 
  • Belinjo crackers/Kueh Lapis only because of CNY hahaha. Bought Belinjo crackers coated with chilli (SGD2.70/pack) because I find the ones without a tad too bitter for my liking.
  • Ellips hair products (vitamin oil, hair mask, etc.) which are at a third of the price in Singapore? Each bottle of vitamin oil is only SGD6-7 (depending on where you shop aka whether you get ripped off) in Batam when it's about SGD18+ in Singapore.
  • Lux/Biore shower products that are surprisingly cheaper than the ones in SG because I always thought Lux was a Singaporean brand. Also, didn't know that Biore had body products apart from make up/facial products.
  • Old school Fan Bo pressed whitening powder because you can't find it in SG anymore and the packaging is super apt for a Old Shanghai Themed party!!
  • If you're lucky, you may find clothes on sale (dresses only at SGD4+ and tees at SGD3+) that need no questioning man just dig and find. Even if it takes you half an hour to find two presentable ones.
  • Llao Llao in BCS mall!!! No long queues and only SGD3 for small size, MUST EAT.
  • Everything and anything seafood. It's so fresh that even sotong is no longer like rubberband??? Couldn't resist and had one sotong and died at night scratching. But no regrets!!!
  • Order room service because it's probably the only place where I can afford to do so HAHAHAHA #woesofastudent. Main courses and mocktails start at SGD6 onwards (we stayed at Horison Ultima King Hotel).
  • Massage for 2 hours long which costs only $20 (dependent on location as well).
  • Go KTV and sing your hearts out all you Beyonce-wannabes because it's only SGD3.80 per hour!!!

And that's the end of the wanderlusting for 2016!!!!