Crafting has always been something really enjoyable for me (lazing around too and it's always a dilemma) be it a leather coin purse (YAS I MADE ONE FOR GILLIAN AND IT SPOILED AFTER AWHILE) or weaving dream catchers. But the irony is that I found motivation to craft only when my three-months long holiday is nearing to an end.

Anyway, CNY's just a couple of days away and I thought that I'll pimp up the home with leftovers from an event two weeks back because I tend to overestimate the amount of flowers required which is really bad (money aside, the amount of waste). 

Ah Ma's favourite flowers

Googled how to make paper flowers in case taobao fails on me and delivers the silk flower balls I ordered late for an event and found out that it's actually really easy to make one! Easy but requires a lot of time and effort. Experimented with two kinds of materials for the flowers - tissue and coloured paper which can be easily found in art stores or probably somewhere in your house.

coloured paper flower balls


  • two coloured paper of choice
  • a round container of desired flower size to act as a stencil
  • stapler
  • glue or a hot glue gun would actually work faster 
  • a pair of scissor
  • pencil
  • fishing line (optional)

Steps for petals:

1. Use the round container as a stencil for the petals and trace it on the coloured paper.

2. Using the circle drawn as a guide, measure and cut the paper according to the size of the circle.

3. You can opt to draw the petals one by one (cutting it all at once would cause the paper to fray) but erm not so hardworking so just fold them in accordion style,

4. and hold the paper using pegs or paper clips so that it does not move while you cut.

5. Once your circles are out, cut a straight line across the side and make another slit through the center of the circle. Your petals should now have a flat bottom with two flaps.

6. Take a petal, overlap the two flaps slightly and then staple them together. Voila, one petal down. Now continue making more petals.

7. Take two petals and overlap them and glue them together. You can use a peg to hold the drying petals together.

8. Continue adding more petals (it takes about five petals to form one flower)...

9. and you should see something like this! And now onto the stamen.

Steps for stamen:

10. Cut a strip of your second coloured paper that measures approx. 2.5" width and fold it into half lengthwise. Cut slits on the folded edge of the paper and be sure to leave an approx. 1cm gap from the open edge. DO NOT cut through to the open edge. Alternatively, you can draw a line 1cm from the open edge to prevent yourself from snipping off too much. 

11. But if you do end up cutting through to the open edge like me, no worries, you can always glue them back together.

12. When you're done making slits, roll the paper from one end to the other and secure the paper with glue. 

13. Your stamens should look something like this!

14. Attach the stamen to the petals, 

15. and once they're nicely dried, glue the flowers by their sides and work towards the shape of a ball. Took me 8 flowers to form a really small flower ball.

16. If you're thinking of hanging up the flower ball, attach the fishing line before gluing on your last flower. 

Tissue paper cherry blossoms


  • tissue paper of choice
  • glue
  • a pair of scissor
  • sticks/branches (I actually used leftover pussy willow branches from a previous event and I think it should look really good when the pussy willow is in bloom???)


1. Cut a strip of tissue of width approx. 2". Then, mark out 2" from one end of the paper and fold the paper. This will make a 2" x 2" square.

2. Continue to fold the paper in accordion style until you get square.

3. Fold the square into half and half it again.

4. On the folded edge, cut out the shape of a petal...

5. which turns out to look really weird but don't worry,

6. it will look better once you glue on a second layer.

7. Pinch the center of the paper to give some volume.

8. Apply glue on the desired spot

9. before attaching the cherry blossom!

kim kim huat huat leaves

This is the favourite DIY out of the three because it's the easiest and time saving and can be used for day-to-day decor. Looks really classy too without having to do much (actually it's just the spray paint doing its job).


  • gold/bronze spray paint or actually any colour that you desire
  • fallen foliage/branches that you can find lying around the playground under your block
  • newspaper because we all wanna be good neighbours
  • vase/glass bottle


  1. Spray at an open space (e.g. emergency stairs) as good ventilation will speed up the drying process of the leaves and also save you from inhaling too much of that paint odour. Lay newspaper around the area where you will be spray painting and do remember to cover up the walls as well.
  2. Spread out the leaves/branches and start spraying. If you have never used a spray paint, note that you have to shake the can well before using. To get an even coat of paint, spray at a distance of approx. 30cm away from the leaves and move from horizontally/vertically slowly. DO NOT spray directly at a spot from a short distance for a period of time as this will cause the paint to drip.
  3. Allow the first coat of paint to dry up for about 10 minutes before coating on next layer. You can opt for a third layer of paint as well for the colour to be more opaque.
  4. Leave the foliage to dry up overnight and they will be ready to be placed into that beautiful blanc bottle the next morning.