Started 2017 with an old Shanghai themed dinner and it made me feel super ready and onz for CNY hahahaha. Took these photos only after the event and regretted not taking more of the other arrangements (in a rush to pack and go home 😀)

kampong spirit is real when the neighbour gets forced to be my hand model HAHAHA

Photos taken by Kang Pictures.

And then there's this one taken by me HAHAHAHA looks so potato compared to a professional. 

This bouquet was for Yumi's sister's prewed shoot and it feels so spring-ish/wildflower-inspired with lots of baby's breath, small white asters, billy buttons and raununculuses. Anyway had a hard time finding out the name of those small white asters because at the suppliers' they call it white phoenix but when I tried to google, nothing lor. There are pictures but there's no scientific name or what not. Finally after one hour of googling and trying all sorts of weird search words combinations, I found it man. These flowers belong to the aster family, which is the same as tansies and daisies but are sooo underrated compared to its cousin/sister/brother. Probably because they're cheap and commonly used by commercialized florists.

Looks almost the same but tansies are seasonal and seasonal means more money lor.