Vday is just five days away and thought this DIY would come in handy for the occasion. Since it's always us girls receiving flowers, it's time for guys to get their fair share of mother nature's goodness.

Googled quite a bit to find out the easiest type of terrarium ( but yet still looks super well put together) for a beginner since it's gonna be my first and to complicate things, there's a whole variety out there from juicy succulents to those for live animals. Another issue will be materials because in Singapore, materials are really hard to source for. Like where do you buy ferns from??? Even the suppliers that I visit often don't carry them. And so after some digging, I finally decided on a moss terrarium. 


  • small decorative stones
  • stones with textured surface
  • vessel/jar or whatever you prefer
  • soil
  • 2 types of mosses - peat moss (as pictured) and reindeer moss (not pictured here)
  • super glue NOT uhu glue

Got this super fengshui-ish vessel from Taobao and it's really pretty in real life even though the wooden components were not vanished nor did they sand it down. But with such pricing, I'll gladly furnish it myself. One thing that I really really like about this is that the opening is wide enough to fit my arm and I can easily arrange the stones and moss without having to use a tweezer/chopsticks. Oh and I got the peat moss from Taobao as well.

Got these stones along the stretch of pet fish stores in Clementi and these cost $7.20 only!!



  1. Fill your clean vessel with soil, filling up approx. 1/3 of the vessel. This actually helps cushion the impact for the next step and prevents your vessel from breaking.
  2. Add in decorative stones.
  3. Attach moss onto textured stones using super glue and not uhu glue (had to redo the stones because of this mistake cries) because super glue does not kill the moss while uhu glue may very well do so. Anyway, I found that superglue is pretty miraculous like it's commonly used during wars to stop bleeding and seal wounds. Whatttt. I've always seen it as something dangerous and toxic since it can potentially keep your fingers stuck together forever if not for nail polish removers.
  4. Gently place your stones into the vessel using long handed tweezers/chopsticks and arrange accordingly to your liking.
  5. Add more moss or stones as to your preference and you're done! Took me less than an hour for this.

Xiao Guilin feels