Curated a collection of flowers comprising of soft pastel, clean white and the classic bold red for this Valentine's day and finally after going through four Valentine's days (took me such long time LOL), I've come to a conclusion that my clients prefer personalised over standard bouquets. If they were looking for standard bouquets they could've gotten it from bigger/commercialised florists, why would they approach me LOL why didn't I think of that sooner man. And so I decided to scrape away the whole lot of standardised bouquets that I offered last year and focus more on offering customisation services.

Oh!!! And I did my first ever giveaway with Shi Ling, founder of UNVEILEDLUST, and I'm so thankful to be in this with her. She's just so nice and genuine the same as I remembered her two years back when we first met. Pictures for the Valentine's Day collection was also shot and edited by her, which were all so pretty.

This giveaway was a nice reminder for me that people do love flowers. Somewhere along the way I felt so alone in this flower thing and thought no one really loves flowers as it is because flowers were reduced to mere props for a like on Instagram and that's sad. But I'm glad this giveaway proved me wrong.

Also collaborated with the students from NUS bizad to give out flowers on Valentine's Day to those working behind the scenes and the elderly because I have a soft spot for ah gongs and popos hahaha. Felt so good to be working alongside people while doing flowers because the only person accompanying me while I do flowers on a daily basis is probably Ed Sheeran. Or GD on some days.

Dragged Jie Shi along to the workshop to help out because she must work for her bouquet HAHAHA thanksing you woman 😚😚😚


This one went out for a proposal! Added colourful ribbons because I felt it was a little too plain for my liking. 

This one went out to a mother...

And this was for her daughter!

A series featuring the orange wall that went quite well with the flowers.

Tadang Jie Shi's bouquet with ranunculuses that she highly requested for and it's even better when it comes in this shade of soft pink. They kind of look like roses but nope, they're totally on a different level because

look how big it is after a few days.

Valentine's evening skies


Worked with Singapore Brides and many other vendors for a getaway car styled shoot and I got royal highness Potong Pasir Princess to snap some photos just before the car drove off. Encountered quite a bit of problems while fixing the flowers but I'm just glad that sissy dearest, who happened to be on leave, and Shermain were there to help. It's a sports car with a vintage looking exterior that works slightly different from the usual cars that I've worked with before. Will share more when the official pictures are out!