"Your prices used to be half of this when you first started, why so expensive now?" "Huh so expensive??? Shouldn't the price be directly proportionate to their lifespan?" "The flowers just tie together can already what, need skills meh?"  "Huh why that shop so cheap, yours so expensive?"

And so without further ado, I shall reveal how the exorbitant price tags of our bouquets came about.

Yes, our prices are not the lowest around but behind each of our arrangements, there is a considerable amount of time taken to put together the creations you see on our Instagram page. From the time taken to planning, to visiting the supplier's and up till the very moment that it gets delivered to your doorstep,  this is typically what happens when I receive an order of flowers from you:

1. Conceptualisation and planning of flowers in accordance to the brief that you sent us where lots of pictures are sent back and forth to get the right feel and look that you like. This is probably the most exciting step for me as I exercise my brains to get them creative juices flowing and visualise how the pairing of certain flowers may turn out.

2. Going down to the supplier's to pick the freshest blooms and also a better visualisation of how the combination of flowers turn out in real life. Still a visualisation because the flowers look like that in its packaging hahah (scroll down)

3. After purchasing and bringing the precious blooms home, we get down to the real work preparing the flowers - dethorning roses, resuscitating the hydrangea that appears-really-lively-at-the-store-but-starts-wilting-once-it-enters-my-house and mostly removing a whole lot of leaves because it obstruct the intake of water.

Tadang this is how a rose looks like before it gets stripped off its thorns.

Sometimes, roses come with browned and damp petals and it's really normal due to the moisture trapped in its packaging. Just remove the browned petals and they're good to go!

matthiolas before vs. after

4. Things get fun here as the bouquet starts to take form. For those confused at the pricing between bridal bouquets (held together with just ribbons and without paper) and normal bouquets (those you see from day to day wrapped with paper and ribbons), like why are bridal bouquets more expensive when there's no paper, no water, no nothing and yet more costly??? Bridal bouquets are pricier simply because they require more flowers and skills to ensure that they won't fall apart on your special day since they're just held together by a mere ribbon. Although paper wrapped hand bouquets require more materials (water, plastic bag, cotton wool, message card, etc.), they can achieve the same fullness of a bridal bouquet using lesser flowers because they can be held together much loosely.

5. Then it's delivery time where I get to witness the different reactions people have when they're surprised or in disbelief that they're really not dreaming and are receiving flowers hahaha TVB dramas are not exaggerating people's reactions after all.

A lot goes into what comes out as the perfect bouquet and for every arrangement, it has gone through a long process from planning all the way up till you receive it in your hands (the five steps listed here are not exhaustive and are just a teeny tiny peek into what goes on behind every arrangement). Although two bouquets might have the same colour scheme, I try my best to ensure that they have different flowers just so that your bouquet is special and the one and only in the world, or at least in TTF's world. And so to optimise your flower-shopping experience best tailored to your liking, we are removing our standard day-to-day bouquets (like how the ordering process used to be) and offering fully personalised bouquet services from flowers to paper to ribbon to everything. Whether you're clueless about all these flower business or in need of some mother nature's beauty, hop over here to draw inspiration and get your flower game going 😆😆😆😆😆