HELLO THERE!!!! It's been so long. Over the past six months, so much has happened and I didn't have time to share. Anyway sharing with you guys this recent wedding I styled in May, straight after my finals.

Details. The brief for this wedding was to simply make the space look less sparse and the colour palette was pastel pink/cream/peach. It was held at the multipurpose hall in Hort Park, right beside the ever-so-hyped lawn for photoshoots/proposals. Bernice and Shoban are both doctors and they met while they were both students. When I first heard of their story, I just thought "wa korean dramas are real!!!!!" Hahahaha. And to be honest, they're really sweet people - no airs, just pure sincerity and love for each other. Before I forget, it's an interracial marriage too! Can you imagine the amount of ideas I had in my mind??? Indian-Chinese or medical theme??? HOW ABOUT BOTH HAHA.

I love race traditions because I feel like its slowly dying in our hands. Millennials are often wrongly blamed for everything but this one I think is quite true la.  So it has always been one of my dream to make traditions seem less gaudy and cool enough for weddings. But as much as I loved to, it was hard to incorporate both traditions in one wedding without making one outshine the other. Also, I didnt want to burst the couple's budget at the cost of my own wants plus there were plenty of regulations that Hort Park has which made it difficult . 

So for who are planning to hold your wedding at Hort Park, here are some things that you should take note of (NParks is pretty strict on these so.....):

  1. You will have to source for your own vendors from food, tables/chairs and decor (although I think that they do have a delegated stylist/decorator). In other words, you get to choose the vendors you work with, personalise the type of decor/food you're gonna have but you'll also have to coordinate your vendors yourself (or maybe get a trusty bridesmaid to help).
  2. Decorations outside the MPH requiring attachment to any property are not allowed. Meaning you can't decorate the railings leading to the MPH with balloons, and you can't attach flowers onto the beautiful lattice in the garden. Had plenty of ideas for the space outside the MPH because it's the holding area and although as beautiful as it already is, I wanted to create a photo opp area outside the MPH where there is natural lighting for photos.
  3. That said, the lighting in the MPH is a little orangey-tinted due to its lighting. Even though the MPH is right next to the lawn and you'll expect that the sunlight will reach the MPH for optimal photos, it does not.
  4. Decorations within the MPH have to be on the stylist/decorator's own structures and you can't attach anything on the walls/ceilings of the MPH - no drapes, no hanging chandeliers etc. But there is an exception. You can attach hooks or whatever you wish on the glass panels on the sides. This one requires a bit of trick because your hanging installation can't be too heavy or it'll snap, so do choose your decor wisely.
  5. There will be additional charges if you need the MPH to be opened the night before to decorate the space.
  6. The coordinator will send you (the couple) a bunch of terms and conditions, please look through it as there are several important information such as the existence of vendors briefing prior to the wedding. Very sua ku but it was my first time having a vendors briefing before the wedding.  

Back to the decor, we decided to go with a medical botanical theme and voila!


Stage/Backdrop/Solemisation Table

floral arch hort park mph
Hortpark arch
Hortpark table centerpiece

Although fairylights would have been nice for the stage, it was a wedding lunch (still bright and sunny) and I wanted something that would tie both medical and botanical together.. so arch it is! This arch was made under a lot of stress and sweat and in the end when the anxiety disappeared, loveee. Oh yes, on the day the wedding saikang warrior couldn't make it because it was his grandparents' death anniversary and so the level of stress and anxiety was sky high. Can you imagine how thankful I was when I saw my ex-manager back at xpressflowers aka the one who taught me all about flowers, yessssss????? Initially I was quite chill about the arch but the delivery for props came late and I had to rush through the arch which was not exactly how I wanted to start my day.


Hehe taken by May my flowers shifu who so kindly assisted me :) So thankful so soooooo thankfullll.

Table Centerpieces

Hortpark table centerpiece

Went really simple with just books and apothecary bottles DIY-ed into table number holders. Initially I wanted to pack a whole lot of more items but decided to just keep it simple because I was afraid that too many items and there'll be no space to place the food. My sister styled the table centerpieces actually (I told her the items required for each table and she arranged the items herself) and I'm quite proud of how it turned out :)

Hanging Installation

Hortpark-17 copy.jpg

If you're wondering what this is.........


It's a floral garland haha. Kind of like a deconstructed one with seperated pieces instead of the usual bundled together ones because of weight concerns (too heavy and it might just snap midway through the wedding) and the restrictions on the ways of attachment. The garlands dropped thrice when we were trying to put it up and each time it snapped, my heart just sank a little and my morale dropped so low. Was so ganchiong that I skipped a step when I was coming down the stage and sprained my ankle. Series of unfortunate events leh really. And then just nice saikang warrior called to checked on me and all I wanted to do was to just melt into a puddle of tears but I held it in and acted like nothing's wrong LOL. Wa I can feel all the anxiety and nerves from that day just talking about it. But thank god for my dad because he thought of using the spare stands we brought for the arch as supports for the garland. And it worked. FELT SO RELIEVED that I just abandoned my sis and dad to hang the other garlands while I went out to decorate the holding area hahahaha.


Welcome Signage

Hortpark welcome signage

First impressions usually sets the theme right... so lots of foliage right from the start hahaha. Love this clear acrylic sigange trend that's pretty edgy and versatile if you ask me... you can pair it with foliage, flowers, or even paint the back of the acrylic board if you're afraid of the words being hard to read.

Reception Table

Hortpark reception table
Hortpark reception table

The angbao box was inspired by metal boxes that house doctors of the past used. Also used a pink chiffon cloth to give the whole table a touch of romance and the copper sequinned runner to match the stationary on the photo display table.

Photo Display Table/Guests Well Wishes Corner

Hortpark photo display

I tried to recreate a doctor's table with a very vintage drawer (that I rented from Styled Story) paired with modern and clean copper stationary. Also, kept the table super neat and simple hahaha very stereotypical but I have this illogical belief that those who are neat and organized are usually clean and trustworthy, which is what I would like to believe doctors are. But actually no la, they work in places where bacteria thrive LOL.

Hortpark photo display

The stationary for this wedding are in this pretty copper.

Like this super chic tape dispenser I got from taobao (https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09. that minimalists will love. Oh yes I got the copper documents tray from the same store too!

This accessories tray was chosen because it kind of reminds me of those that contain tongue depressors LOL. And yes! We have new cards with a new logo that was hand drawn! Although not too extravagant but I think it's a decent effort. 

Oh yes and the well wishes are "prescriptions" for a happy marriage to the couple hahahaha. Came up with these with a little help from pinterest and naturally these came with a tinge of pink in it hehe.



Actually... I just wanted to share that I made new aprons la HAHAHA not much tips for weddings but can you please look at my dad. Forced him to wear it HAHAHAHA and I think he looks good in it though the gray on gray on gray plus gray hair is no go la.

Thankful for this lady (omg we're so old now... it used to be "girl" now "lady" liao next time "ajumma"??) here for coming down to shoot and to also help out in every way that she can :) This wedding made me feel very blessed with the people in my life and reminded me how much I've missed styling during the two whole months of pure studying. Goodbye SIM, hello adult life.

I hope this post helps in providing those who are planning to hold their weddings in Hort Park a better idea on what can be done or those who are planning to have a medical theme wedding :)