Coney Island is known for its lush abundance of tall trees and the to-die-for mysterious yet ethereal ambience created by rays of light beaming through the woods at sunset - perfect for an elopement themed shoot (like this one that we did).

If you're thinking of venturing into this space for your shoot, here are some things to be aware of (especially when there are cheeky monkeys lurking around):

  • like all outdoor shoots in the woods, there are plenty of animals and in Coney Island, there are monkeys. I was told by some nice cleaner uncles that a group of 30+ monkeys inhibit the island and if you're planning to incorporate props at the shoot, do be alert of your surroundings. Monkeys were said to be afraid of sand so if you spot a cheeky one heading to your precious picnic mat, just gesture to throw sand at it but please don't harm them.
  • there will be lots of ants as well, so if you're planning to incorporate seated poses do include props like picnic mats or rattan ottomans to save yourself from getting bitten. If you're thinking of using a mat, you can lay a disposable tablecloth (sold in NTUC for a dollar or so) beneath the mat to lessen the chances of it getting wet or bringing home ants that got trapped within the mat.
  • if you're after the golden hour glow, remember to check the time of sunset and have a recce sesh with your photographer to explore the best places to capture that golden hour.
  • also, as always, check the weather forecast a month/week/day ahead of your shoot and come up with an alternative date/wet weather program.
  • Coney Island has its operating hours as well, and they close their gates at 8pm daily, so do take note of the timing to save yourself the trouble of committing trespassing.