"Adventure is out there."

There were a lot of adventure/travel themed weddings over the past few years in Singapore but surprisingly Up was one theme that not many have opted. And it was our privilege to help Diana and Joon Ming to start their adventure as a married couple (smooth not? LOL) to create a wedding inspired by #relationshipgoals #powercouple Carl and Ellie. To be honest, I only watched the movie when I had to style this wedding, and I watched it thrice for inspiration LOL.



We went really simple with the pew flowers and church decor because the bulk of the budget went to the purchasing of balloons and crafting of materials. Gerbera daisies are a cheap alternative to baby's breath and they come in a hugeeee variety of colours which made them suitable for the wedding. Used a mixture of ribbons and flowers in order to fit within the couple's budget, and I think this was a blessing in disguise because the contrast of the teal ribbons amidst the warm colours tied everything together nicely.

Reception Table

The angbao box was actually inspired by the paradise falls funds in the movie and we found a bottle/jar that was suitable for holding angbaos hahaha. Got it from IKEA and I cut up a slit in through the cork cover. Many angmohs used the mailbox in the movie as their cards/gift box but I thought the funds bottle was cuter la. We did try to incorporate the mail box idea later on in the bride and groom's chairs. Oh yes, the decor for the reception table was kept very simple (just frames, a few books and simple jars of flowers) because i wanted to mimic the table in the movie. I chose a checkered throw paired with a white table cloth because the former gives off a very ah ma homely feel hahaha. Reminds me a lot of Ellie when she's old. Lots of photo frames were used (to display photos, as table number holders) because in the movie, Carl and Ellie had like this whole wall of photos but they had a mix of rectangular and circular ones. Will probably do a mix of frames in the next Up inspired wedding (if there is a chance to) where the budget allows la haha.



This mini balloon garland installation was of a different take on the usual balloon garlands that we see on Pinterest but I think it's equally as chio and it held up pretty well and lasted for for more than a day. Took us a whole four hours pumping, attaching and eventually putting them up.

Photo Display Table

We seperated the reception and PD tables due to the lack of space at the entrance of the church, which was a first for me. The PDT was supposed to mimic the picnic scene in the movie with flowers in the picnic basket and a super duper colourful picnic mat LOL. It was also my first time choosing such a bright and colourful table cloth and I had a hard time choosing a cloth that's suitable because I didnt want anything that's vintage/rustic/muted but something that's more retro and colourful and fun. Basically something that makes you reminisce and reminds you of innocent childhood dreams of happy-ever-afters. 

First time using coloured frames (so used to white or wooden frames) and I must say the effect is super pretty. I matched the photos to a frame that's either of a contrasting colour or has a similar tone/filter. Like the pink frame with the photo of the couple that's taken at the golden hour! Looks really really pretty and this wedding has a lot of firsts LOL.

Adventure theme calls for bucket list ideas as guests well wishes and if you're an avid fan of the movie I think you'd have guessed it that the guestbook was inspired by Ellie's adventure book. 

The cover looks like this and these were the original stickers that I got from Taobao and erm I think it's one of my not so good buys from there. But I must say the faux leather bound book was superb because it comes with good quality paper and it was properly bounded together.  

Found a new set of alphabet stickers at Paper Market and I'm quite satisfied with the overall look for a DIY that isn't too costly (shops on Etsy were selling inspired adventure books for like $50+? For a book with maybe 20 pages). 

I must declare that this wedding was highly inspired by the movie because the content of the guest book follows the exact same sequence as the adventure book LOL. Please take a look at the washi tape that I got - they're hot air balloons!! Very apt for this wedding. 

Second page follows the same as the movie as well except it's "we" instead of "I". Also, got childhood feels? Crayons? Translucent rectangle pencil box from Muji that was an it-item for every student during 2010-2011ish?? Wooden ruler???

Chose crayons over shiny pens as the writing medium because of the look and feel that it evokes that goes well with the theme. 

Dining Tables

Scrolled through the #upthemedwedding hashtag on Instagram to find some inspiration for the centrepieces and found another stylist using lanterns as their centerpiece. Then my head just went ting and I vaguely remembered seeing wooden houses as centrepieces somewhere and I immediately went on Taobao to search and they really do have it. On the other hand, Diana wanted the space to look less empty and less like a canteen but more like a celebration. The thought of having a ceiling filled with balloons was tempting but I was afraid by doing so, it may turn out looking like a birthday party than wedding especially so when the balloons come in such an array of colours hahaha. And then I came across a photo on Pinterest showing a similar centerpiece which I have recreated in the photo above and it was perfect. It combines both the wooden house and balloons making the whole look much neater and less birthday party-ish. 

Can I just say attaching the balloons on to the houses are quite time consuming and much more challenging than what I initially thought haha. The balloon supplier said that they couldn't arrange the balloons in the format in the picture (I thought it was easy la) and they came in 10s of mixed colours. We had to rearrange the balloons within the time limit and it was quite stressful hahah. The whole time my mind was like going through the checklist of stuff that are still undone. But it was a good experience la and I'm better at gauging the amount of time needed. 

For the table numbers, I wanted something colourful and happy and those colourful frames seemed like a perfect fit for it. Different scenes of the movie that involved balloons were drawn on the table numbers. Mainly because my drawing skills aren't very good haha I admit, if not it'll be best to use the scenes between Carl and Ellie because it's a wedding after all. For table 10, the blue balloon actually appeared twice in the movie. Once when Carl and Ellie were kids and Ellie came to visit Carl who was injured. The second time was when Carl went to visit Ellie on her death bed. Thinking about it makes me feel sad LOL and the plot is super good la. Oh and this is also why the two huge balloons at the entrance were blue (very apt too because the blue balloons appeared twice).



Stage Decor

Wa the backdrop for the stage was the hardest for me, not because of it's complexity to install, but because there were so many ideas swimming in my head for this. Option 1: build a hot air balloon with a basket and balloons (placed by the side of stage), with a signage in the middle of the stage. But after the site visit, this option got kicked out because the signage will blend nicely with the curtain and also budget constrains la. 

Option 2: balloon garland with flowers/foliages, with a signage placed in front of it. This one sounds really hip and trendy but I think it'll turn out looking like a balloon arch at a carnival if I were to use a wide variety of colours. Balloon garlands kind look best for weddings when it's in a certain colour scheme (pastel or similar palette) and I didn't want to have to choose a particular colour scheme for this because it's Up and it's meant to be colourful and happy. Also, balloon garlands don't really have the feel of the hot air balloon house in Up because the balloons are packed quite compact and twisted. 

and so I went with Option 3: layered balloons with signage. This fits my criterion best where the signage will not blend in with the curtains and it looks less compact, thus resembling the arrangement of balloons attached to a house. 

Choosing the font for the signage was another hard one but eventually we decided on this because of the heart shape that comes with it HAHA. Oh we modified the original catchphrase (adventure is out there) of the movie to one that fits the budget.

centerpieces x W.I.P backdrop hahah

Bride & Groom Chairs

This is quite debatable because there were differing views on its aesthetics haha. Yumiko felt that the colour combination didn't really go well and the chairs looked old and worn out - making it a failed attempt to replicate the chairs that Carl and Ellie had. SGW felt that it actually looks fine and the old worn out look fits the theme because Carl and Ellie sat on their chairs till they were old and wrinkly.

Anyway, for the bride and groom chairs, it's a combination of ideas taken from the movie. As chairs are involved, I thought why not use armchairs that are similar to the ones in the movie. Also, I wanted to incorporate the letterbox that Carl and Ellie made themselves with their names and handprints into the B&G chairs. It seemed like a great idea at first but then let me show you how DIYs can turn out very wrong and creepy LOL. 

I did the handprints in the exact same positions and used similar colours in the movie but it just felt very halloween-ish and spooky LOL. Painted over the handprints and decided to stick with having just names on the signage. And that's all the areas/decor covered! 

This was half the amount of balloons involved and we later repurposed the balloons for an outdoor photoshoot. Which brings me to my next point...

Lighting is crucial hahaha. When the balloons are out in natural lighting and away from warm lights, it makes the whole atmosphere more romantic and wedding-ish in my opinion. Either ways, preparation for this wedding made me very happy because of all the colours and I wasn't the only happy one. 

He is too! hahahahahaha

I hope this post is useful for those who are planning to have an Up themed wedding or a wedding that involves balloons and colours :)